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About me /

IQ Art is about Action, Photography, Art and Graphic Design.

IQ was inspired from my first and last name, which is very long any way, Iordanis Kioumourtzoglou! So "I" stands for the first letter of my first name and "Q" stands phonetically for the four letters at the beginning of my last name. I think it is smart, short, and easy!

I got a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in 3D Computer Animation, also I have attended Gnomon School of VFX and I have been working as a Full Time and Freelance Artist in the industry. 

Van Life /

Briefly, introduction of my self, my name is Iordanis Kioumourtzoglou, I grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece, and I moved to LA in 2009, when I 
was 26 years old to work as a 3D Artist. In this page, I would like to share with you my Vanlife adventure, and how you can build and take 
ideas for your van. I can design your van in 3D, so you can have an idea how it looks before you build it.
If you don’t have the time, I can also build it for you! Feel free to contact me.

Here is how my adventure started. From a young age, I always dreamed to have a van for my sport activities, fit my camping and sport 
equipment, be able to road trip anytime and sleep anywhere without thinking to look for a hotel. I remember, in 2003 in Greece, my best 
friend and I, were thinking to buy a 50’s VW Bus someone was selling in the neighborhood, never happened.


My first car was a Hyundai Matrix, a nice family minivan.


I really enjoyed it for almost 3 years, driving it all around Greece, from mountains to the seas, skiing and kitesurfing. In September 2009 I moved to LA. Outdoor culture and vanlife here is huge and you see vans everywhere, a fact that made me desire one more.

For the last 4 years I was checking online to find a Toyota Van LE. A beautiful, non common 80’s van, you don’t see very often on the roads, 
maybe at that time the competitive van for VW Bus. Also Toyota has a strong engine, cheap maintenance, good gas miles, and a reliable name.

Finally, in Sep. 2018, my dream became real and I bought one. I named it Flipper The Van.

Why I named my van Flipper: “Flipper” was my tag name in high school. When I bought the van there were lots of mechanical problems. One of them was the “Center Arm”. The part doesn’t exist in the market anymore and I had to rebuilt it. Which meant mailing the old part to @rarepartsinc for remanufacturing. At that time I thought the cheapest and the easiest thing to do was to find an old part from another van in a junk yard. And I found that guy with a sticker saying “Flipper” (pic above), I took the part, rebuilt it and replaced it in my Van.. From that moment a new Flipper was born.. Thank you!!

I sold Flipper the Van after having it for 4 years to a movie company. And the van participated it in the Welcome to Chippendales in Hulu and in a big Toyota’s commercial, link here: 

In 2022, I was in Greece for few months and  someone was selling this cool 1991 4×4 Subaru Sumo. I couldn’t say no.. Super fun van!! 

Now the last year in Los Angles I have a Honda Element that I have converted it to a camper for my adventures. 

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